Care and Storage


 Caring, Washing and Storing a hammock



Mexican, Brazilian and Chair hammocks and hanging chairs are made from untreated, natural cotton. These hammocks can be left outside during summer months but it is important to dry them out quickly if they get wet to prevent mildew. To do this, hang the hammock as you normally would and place a broom or stick crosswise in the bed of the hammock to keep it spread out allowing the threads to dry quickly and thoroughly. Never fold or pack away your hammock when wet and do not store it in a damp place. As the main body of the hammocks are made from cotton, they will weaken/mould over time if left damp. The hammocks are dyed using natural dyes so they may also fade if left in strong sunlight. 

Our Deluxe Camping Hammocks can be left outside as the hammock fabric and rope is weatherproof and dries very quickly so it does not rot. Exposure to strong sunlight will slowly fade (and weaken) the synthetic fabric. You should regularly examine the rope and fabric for damage and take more care as the hammock gets older. Always ensure the fabric is fully dry (especially at the ends) before packing the hammock into its bag and do not store it in a damp place.

To prolong the life (and enjoyment) of any hammock it is obviously best to take it down when not in regular use. Check all hammocks, ropes and hanging supports regularly for damage and replace worn parts when necessary (we sell some replacement parts). The better you look after your hammocks, the longer and more beautiful they will last, especially when permanently used outside.



Well Hung Travel Hammocks are very easy to wash - remove the ropes, put on a cool wash (using non-bio soap) in the washing machine, hang them out to dry - it takes no time at all - then re-tie the ropes (they are tied with bowline knots) and they are ready to use. They keep their colour well but do not stain easily. 

Traditional hammocks (Brazilian, Mexican and Chair) can be machine washed separately on a very cool, gentle setting (wool or silk),  but it is safer to wash them by hand.

When washing, these instructions MUST be followed:

Tie the 2 'end' loops of the hammock together with cotton string.
Use rubber bands or cord to tightly tie the hammock strings at equal intervals (about 20-25cm apart) so they cannot become entangled.
For first time washing: rinse the hammock in cold water with a handful of salt to ‘set’ the colour.
By hand: Wash the hammock  gently in lukewarm water with shampoo or hand washing solution. Rinse thoroughly after washing in more lukewarm water. 
Machine: Stuff the end strings into the cotton bag that your hammock came with, pull the drawstring of the bag and fasten tightly so that only  the main body of the hammock is exposed. Use cool/gentle programme (wool/silk/delicate), max 40 C and DO NOT use spin cycle.
Squeeze out excess water, untie the strings, hang the hammock as you normally would. Place a stick across the 'bed' of the hammock to spread it out and allow it to dry thoroughly.



When handling your traditional Mexican or Brazilian hammock ALWAYS hold by the end loops to avoid tangling the strings. You can hang both loops on a coat hook/nail in the shed door when not in use to prevent damp and to stop it tangling. This is easier than packing it into its bag.

Never fold or pack away your hammock when wet/damp. Make sure it is totally dry before you pack it into its bag and do not store it in a damp place. Beware to keep it away from vermin if stored in sheds. 

nb. All Well Hung Hammocks are sold with instructions, we will email you a copy if you lose them.