Hammocks for Children


Hammocks are great for children



Children love hammocks! In many countries of the world, babies sleep in a hammock from birth. Here are a few tips on using and choosing a hammock for your children.

Hang hammocks low to the ground if children are going to use them, and always supervise them. Hang hammocks in a loose U shape for young children and babies, and lie them across the hammock, then they can't fall out. Avoid hammocks with 'spreader bars' at both ends (not to be confused with a hammock frame!) - these are notoriously unstable and will flip you out as soon as you move!

Our Deluxe Camping Hammocks are the most robust and so are great hammocks for children to use. They are hard to damage, easy to clean and impossible to tangle or get caught in. You can pile loads of kids in these huge hammocks and the width makes them almost impossible to fall out of! Our camping hammocks are portable and easy to look after: perfect for families. They are machine-washable. However, they are not the same as a natural hammock.

Brazilian type hammocks are practical yet traditional. They are a solid, soft cotton fabric so they are robust to play in. There are less strings to catch things on (and not in the 'lying' part) so are fine for children to use. Brazilian hammocks will fit any-sized child (or even children) but you'll get a lot more of them in a large one! 

Mexican style hammocks can catch on branches, shoes and toys quite easily. Because of all of the strings they are less child-friendly but as long as young children are supervised they will be fine. These are the biggest and strongest hammocks so you can fit loads of children in them!!

Chair hammocks are great for children as they like to swing in them! They are ideal for reading or gaming in indoors. It is also great to breastfeed in a hanging chair hammock and they are safe for babies as long as you lie them across the hammock (front to back) and always supervise them.