Hammock Help

We've been using hammocks for a long time, here are some of the hammock tips we've learned so far...



Mayan or Mexican style hammocks are a very traditional type of hammock. These are our strongest and largest hammocks and can easily hold the weight of three people. Woven from hundreds of cotton strings, it is an amazingly comfortable hammock - they really give you a feeling of floating on air! They need a bit of care as their strings can snag and tangle with rough use but it's definitely worth it. This is an eye-catching and luxurious hammock that will make a beautiful addition to your home or garden.  

Brazilian type hammocks are woven from pure cotton, making them strong and hard-wearing, yet natural and soft to lie in. They are beautiful but also practical and comfortable. This is a great hammock if you want something stylish but also easy to use. It's perfectly safe for children and adults alike. Not quite as big and stretchy as our Mexican hammocks but it's softness and simplicity more than makes up for it. Everything you'd expect from a hammock, all wrapped up in a matching bag!

Camping hammocks are the most portable and easiest hammock to look after. We make them from parachute type cloth that  is hard-wearing, breathable and strong. You can leave them outside, they don't tangle, are machine-washable and pack into a tiny bag. They have rope and hooks included to hang them with, quickly and easily. They're great camping hammocks and are perfect for families, travellers, festival-goers and fishermen and anyone who wants an easy, no-fuss hammock. They are ideal if you only have a small hanging space like a balcony. 

Chair hammocks are not technically hammocks at all but they are a hanging chair that can be hung downwards from one point (ceiling joists, exposed beams, tree branches, pergolas, children’s swing frame etc.). You can not lie down flat in a chair hammock as they are designed and shaped to keep you more upright which makes them perfect for reading in. With a matching foot-rest, the hammock chair becomes a super-luxury lounger. The benefits of a hammock chair is that they can be hung in a smaller space and only need one fixing point so they are ideally suited for indoor use. In terms of practicality compared to our other hammocks they are an armchair rather than a sofa-bed.



Our Mexican hammock is very comfortable for 1 adult but can fit 2. The large size hammock is big enough for 1,2 or 3 but has been known to hold 9 people (allegedly)! Both sizes easily carry 200kg/31st/450lb.

Our Brazilian hammock is ideal for any-sized adult, it holds 130kg. The large size is meant for two adults but is not too big for one and holds 180kg.

Our Camping hammocks hold 180kg/28st/400lb. It is great for 1 adult to seriously sleep in: you can lie anyway you like in it, and have spare material for a canopy (mosquito cover) It is also comfortable for 2 large adults to lie in (like a double bed) but you probably don't want to sleep with anyone else, long-term.

The chair hammock holds 120kg and fits one adult, you can not recline fully but can stretch out your legs with the included foot rest.



Once you start looking, you'll find lots of places to hang your hammock. Although 2 trees are perfect, they are not the only things that you can hang a hammock on. You can drill hooks into most types of walls and ceilings, indoors and out. You can combine a hook with a tree, post, garden fence, children's climbing frame etc. 

You can hang a hammock from: trees, balconies, strong fences, pergolas, children's climbing frames, bandstands, concreted in park benches, lamp posts, boat rails, roof beams... the list is endless -  feel free to send us your suggestions! Just make sure whatever you hang it on is strong enough - see 'getting in a hammock' above.

You can dig posts into your garden. Set them in concrete or make them removable. Angle removable posts away from the hammock and line the hole with drainpipe. Use 9’ long x 3” diameter posts and bury 3’ deep: create a garden feature! If you don’t want a hole, use a pointed 6' long x 3" diameter post. Stick it in the ground leaning away from the hammock. Attach two guy ropes. Secure the guy ropes with large pegs.

If all else fails and we can't help you to find something suitable to hang a hammock on, we sell free-standing hammock frames that are suitable for both indoors or outside. They are easy to fold away and store when not in use. you can hang hammocks from columns, exposed beams and strong staircases;  You can even hang them underneath double bunk beds (with no bed underneath)!

There are many types of hammock stands, single-ended or free-standing, from simple metal to elegant wood, ready-made or DIY. We sell high-quality Amazonas stands that are suitable for all our hammocks. There are plenty of other stands out there but most cheaper frames are made for hammocks with wooden 'spreader bars' at the end. They're not suitable for our hammocks. Ask us if you find a hammock frame that you think might fit our hammocks and we'll tell you if it will. We are happy if you save money, as long as you get a comfortable hammock experience at the end of the day.

If you have a hammock already and want one of our frames, make sure that it fits! We do not accept returns on frames (unless faulty) so please contact us if you're not sure.



Distances here are just guidelines: you can fit a hammock in almost any space with our help. Contact us with your proposed space and we'll tell you which hammock will fit! You can make one of our hammocks fit in a space between approximately 1m-10m if you know how...

Our Mexican style hammocks are virtually the same length so they need the same amount of space to hang them in (only their widths are different). The ideal distance between the 2 end loops of the hammock is around 3.5m and the ends should be at least 1.5m  from the ground. However, as you can lie any direction in a Mexican type hammock, you can hang them in a space as narrow as 1.5m wide. Hang them loose so that you can lie across them at an angle. 

The cotton Brazilian hammock needs 3.25m between the 2 end loops. Position the ends about 1.2m above the ground. The large size needs 3.5m between the 2 end loops and approximately 1.5m above the ground. Traditionally hammocks are designed to be hung loosely and lain across at a diagonal angle.

Our Camping hammocks need 2.75-3 m minimum between the 2 hammock ends (not including the attached rope) but can stretch to 5m easily. Hang the ends 1.25m from the ground (the further apart your ends, the higher you have to hang the ropes). You can hang these camping hammocks in a very narrow space (like with the Mexican hammock) as you can lie across it -  as opposed to lengthwise.

Chair hammocks need to be hung at least 2.2m high. They need a space of about 1.2 across, more if you want to swing!

Any hammock will fit in a bigger (or higher) space but you may need extra rope. The wider apart your supports are, the higher you must hang the ends of your hammock.

All 'proper' hammocks are better if you hang them a little loose so that you can lie  at a diagonal angle or across them. The narrower the space, the more diagonal you should lie. Hang the lowest part of the hammock (i.e. its centre) at chair-seat height so it is easy to get in and out.

If your hammock supports aren't optimal, don't worry! Just adjust the rope or the height you attach it. Hang the end loops of the hammock at the same height if you can. If not, lie with your head at the higher end. Also, always remember a new cotton hammock will stretch with age so you may have to adjust its height after using it for a while.



When you first hang your hammock, test that everything is safe and secure! Sit down on your closed (folded) hammock and then bounce gently until you're confident that  your supports are safe. Once you're sure it's fine, you can lie down. Repeat your testing if more people join you!

To get onto the hammock: open it out and sit down in the centre, as if sitting on a chair. Then turn around and lift your feet in. If you can lie on a diagonal angle across the hammock you will be flatter, which is better for sleeping.

To get out of the hammock: put your feet on the ground, sit up and then stand up. If the hammock is hung very low to the ground this will be more difficult.



Mexican, Brazilian and Chair hammocks and hanging chairs are made from untreated, natural cotton. These hammocks can be left outside during summer months but it is important to dry them out quickly if they get wet to prevent mildew. To do this, hang the hammock as you normally would and place a broom or stick crosswise in the bed of the hammock to keep it spread out allowing the threads to dry quickly and thoroughly. Never fold or pack away your hammock when wet and do not store it in a damp place. As the main body of the hammocks are made from cotton, they will weaken/mould over time if left damp. The hammocks are dyed using natural dyes so they may also fade if left in strong sunlight. 

Well Hung Camping Hammocks can be left outside as the hammock fabric and rope is weatherproof and dries very quickly so it does not rot. Exposure to strong sunlight will slowly fade (and weaken) the synthetic fabric. You should regularly examine the rope and fabric for damage and take more care as the hammock gets older. Always ensure the fabric is fully dry (especially at the ends) before packing the hammock into its bag and do not store it in a damp place.

To prolong the life (and enjoyment) of any hammock it is obviously best to take it down when not in regular use. Check all hammocks, ropes and hanging supports regularly for damage and replace worn parts when necessary (we sell some replacement parts). The better you look after your hammocks, the longer and more beautiful they will last, especially when permanently used outside.



Camping Hammocks are very easy to wash - remove the ropes, put on a cool wash (using non-bio soap) in the washing machine, hang them out to dry - it takes no time at all - then re-tie the ropes (they are tied with bowline knots) and they are ready to use. They keep their colour well but do not stain easily. 

Traditional hammocks (Brazilian, Mexican and Chair) can be machine washed separately on a very cool, gentle setting (wool or silk),  but it is safer to wash them by hand.

When washing, these instructions MUST be followed:

Tie the 2 'end' loops of the hammock together with cotton string.
Use rubber bands or cord to tightly tie the hammock strings at equal intervals (about 20-25cm apart) so they cannot become entangled.
For first time washing: rinse the hammock in cold water with a handful of salt to ‘set’ the colour.
By hand: Wash the hammock  gently in tepid water with shampoo or hand washing solution. Rinse thoroughly after washing in tepid water. 
Machine: Stuff the end strings into the cotton bag that your hammock came with, pull the drawstring of the bag and fasten tightly so that only  the main body of the hammock is exposed. Use cool/gentle programme (wool/silk/delicate), max 40 C and DO NOT use spin cycle.
Squeeze out excess water, untie the strings, hang the hammock as you normally would. Place a stick across the 'bed' of the hammock to spread it out and allow it to dry thoroughly.



When handling your traditional hammock ALWAYS hold by the end loops to avoid tangling the strings. You can hang both loops on a coat hook/nail in the shed door when not in use to prevent damp and to stop it tangling. This is easier than packing it into its bag.

Never fold or pack away your hammock when wet/damp. Make sure it is totally dry before you pack it into its bag and do not store it in a damp place. Beware to keep it away from vermin if stored in sheds. 

nb. All Well Hung Hammocks are sold with instructions, we will email you a copy if you lose them.



Hang hammocks low to the ground if children are going to use them, and supervise them. Hang hammocks in a loose U shape for young children and babies, and lie them across the hammock, then they can't fall out.

Our camping hammocks are the most robust and so the best hammocks for children to use. They are hard to damage, easy to clean and impossible to tangle or get caught in. You can pile loads of kids in this huge hammock and the width makes them almost impossible to fall out of! Our camping hammocks are portable and easy to look after: perfect for families. They are machine-washable.

Brazilian type hammocks are practical yet traditional. They are a solid, soft cotton fabric so they are robust to play in. There are less strings to catch things on (and not in the 'lying' part) so are fine for children to use. Brazilian hammocks will fit any-sized child (or even children) but you'll get a lot more of them in a large size Brazilian hammock! 

Mexican style hammocks can catch on branches, shoes and toys quite easily. Because of all of the strings they are less child-friendly but as long as young children are supervised they will be fine. These are the biggest and strongest hammocks so you can fit loads of children in them!!

Chair hammocks are great for children as they like to swing in them! They are ideal for reading or watching tv in indoors. It is also great to breastfeed in a hanging chair hammock and they are safe for babies as long as you lie them across the hammock (front to back) and always supervise them. 



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