Happy Customers...

Hear what happy customer feedback we have about our hammocks

“Your hammock is one of the best additions to my household. It’s fantastic...” — Dorian


“I love your hammocks. It’s my best investment ever. Now I need a double one...” — Martin


“I just had to tell you we bought one of these from you about 2 years ago and it’s absolutely fantastic. We love it. Brilliant...” — Gary


Just a quick email to say thanks for delivering my hammock so promptly. Ordered Wednesday 4pm, postman delivered 8.15 next morning. It appears to be everything I had hoped for from a hammock. Can’t wait to get it home and find something to hang it from! Thanks again, WHAT A FANTASTIC SERVICE!!!!!!” — Smudger


“I’ve been using my hammock for 5 years now and it’s still fine (I’ve never even changed the rope). I’ve slept in it for months at a time all over Europe and never had any problems. I’ve come to buy one for my girlfriend…”


I bought one two years ago and I love it. You can hang it anywhere in 30 seconds and even pack it away in 30 seconds. It’s amazing...” — Anna


“Bought a fantastic hammock from you last year...” — Tim


Just to say a big thank you for your extremely quick service, by return of post I received my hammock, looking forward to using it on my holiday. Thanks again... — Sally


“I am convinced by these hammocks. I have 2 of my own and am now bringing you a 4th customer...” — Christoph


I visited the market a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by your hammocks. Having thought about it, I am kicking myself for not buying at the time….” — Alan


Fantastic present - more please! I recently bought one of your medium hammocks as a present for someone and have caused so many arguments over whose turn it is to go to sleep in it, I now feel the need to buy another two. It has been absolutely brilliant…” — Jenny


Best hammock ever! I take it with me all around the world. Only problem... my boyfriend loves it as well and even thought we can share it I want it to myself!” — Rianne 


I’ve been sent from Australia to buy a Well Hung Hammock! A mate bought one from you and it’s great so I’ve been sent to buy a couple more...” — Dominic


“We’re very satisfied customers! We bought some hammocks from you last year and we use them on our boat. Our friends loved them so much we had to give them ours so we need to buy some more...” — Nick & Owen


“My good friend visited your market last summer and has enjoyed her hammock for many hours - both at sea (tied between the masts and winches) and on shore camping in various parts of West Africa … so I would like the medium (2-person) hammock… Thanks for all your help. You have a good business and a great product...” — Eric


“It’s fantastic. I just wanted to let you know I spent 2 weeks sleeping in it. It’s weather-proof and easy to carry. Love it...” — Marion


Thanks for the hammock which arrived this morning. My Mum bought me one from your stall in London when she was on a city break holiday. I have two children - so needed two hammocks to stop the arguing! We all love them. I have plans to buy them for my friends as Christmas presents - so I will send in another order later in the year...”  — Sarah


“You persuaded me to buy one of these hammocks last year and it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. I use it all the time, on the ship and on land and I love it...” — Stephanie


Just a quick note to let you know the hammock stand has arrived and assembled on our roof terrace. It’s much bigger than I thought but I love it just the same, I had my first glass of wine in it last night and I’m about to go and have my breakfast in it now! Yehhooo! Thank you.” — Michelle


“The best £45 I’ve ever spent in my life! A comfortable chair that you can take anywhere..” — Liz


“I bought a hammock from you the other day for a present for someone. My girlfriend and I took it to the park to try it out and lay around in it all afternoon. I’ve decided it’s too good to give away so I’m keeping it and now I need one more...” — Pete


“My kids love to take the hammock on country walks...”  — Wreford


Thanks very much for this quick and info-packed answer! Just some (good) feedback for you and all at Well Hung. Got the hammock in the middle of last week and put it up in the garden yesterday (seeing as it was sunny and all that!). Incredibly easy to hang, incredibly strong (it held me and my girlfriend comfortably) and spent a good few hours lolling in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. Perfect! Top marks all round. Now need to hope that the rest of the summer is sunny. Thanks very much.” — Alastair Brent


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thanks for the brilliant & really helpful service and excellent fast delivery. Also the quality & comfort are great – My hubby thinks it’s more comfortable than the old Mexican one and says he’s even tempted to use it now – he wasn’t a big fan before! Grrrrr there goes my relax while I watch him do jobs!


Visited the market a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by your hammocks. Having thought about it, I am kicking myself for not buying at the time….” — Alan


Hi! Thanks very much...I already have one of your hammocks that I bought in London years ago...it’s the best buy I ever did...so practical for traveling, has been with me everywhere...now my boyfriend is jealous so I am getting one for him too...” — Aixa


You’ve been very helpful - thanks. Hope to send you another order in the summer - you’ve got a very special product there! Best wishes and hope your business thrives as it deserves...” — Jane


I’ve seen your hammocks at Camden Lock Market and simply loved them…” — Ulrike


“The hammock is fantastic and I will be visiting your stall when I am next up in  London...” — Tess


I purchased a two - person hammock late summer and it is excellent. I’d like to buy another…” — Bob


“Last year we bought a small Hammock in London. We like it very much...” — Jos


“Hi there!! I absolutely love all of your hammocks.” — Katy Bowness


Thank you so much for our new hammock, we were made up when we found your stall in Camden and we really appreciate the time you took to make sure the hammock would work in our small space. We’ve already lost several glorious hours lazing reading books in it!  It’s made a little piece of heaven in the corner of our garden :o) Thanks again” — Claire + Rob Evey


“Just ringing to say thank you. The hammock fits perfectly on our frame and it’s beautiful. You can buy things from Argos but it makes a real difference when you have customer service like yours. I shall definitely be recommending Well Hung Hammocks. ” — Jerry


This is marvelous - thanks so much for understanding .You have indeed made me a customer and marketer of your hammocks for life.” — Ruthie McGinn


“Took the hammock to Black Park this week and had it hung out over the lake - bloody lovely - thank you! Think they are great Christmas gift!” — Caron Pook


“Bought a gorgeous hammock on Sunday from you @ Camden Lock. The friendly guy running the stall (just returned from abroad) had trouble with pay by card system but we sorted it eventually! I was worried that the transaction could have been processed twice. Got back to York last night and checked my account - yes it was processed twice but you have already refunded the second transaction :) wow! So nice to deal with such an efficient company selling such beautiful things, your guy on the market was so helpful and knowledgeable, an absolute pleasure to buy from :)” — Charly Hamlyn


Truly appreciate your help in locating a hammock in such a small time frame.” — Sasha Mbilika


“Coucou!!! Comment ca va? Voici une photo de nous dans l’hamac :) On est super contents de l’avoir achete :) bon choix! Merci Beaucoup!!!” — Anna & David


Great Hammock - comfy, good looking! Just like the recipient!” — Lauren


I just received my package!!!! Thanx for all the help... I will be recommending you guys! I hope you get some good hollidays as well... Have a nice summer.” — Antonis Pahitas


“It’s been 7 years since I got my hammock from you, it’s still going strong and still traveling around the world. I’d like to purchase a travel hammock as a gift for a friend in the USA…” — Stephanie Zito


Oh fabulous! Thank you so much, thats very much appreciated! just searching for hammocks on the internet and your name caught my eye! Very good! Great prices too, definitely spreading the word about you!” — Francesca Rutherford


I couldn’t believe it when they both arrived 1st thing Saturday morning having only ordered them the afternoon before. It was great timing though – just in time for a lovely weekend of sunshine –guess what I did all weekend!! The only down side was not having yet rigged up hangings for the 2nd hammock I had to share mine with a wriggling 2 year old!

So thanks again for such excellent service and a wonderful product, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and am thinking who to buy one for as a present!” — Annie Pocock


“I took my single travel hammock to the rainforest in Borneo to watch orang utans. I lay watching them making their nests in the tree canopy above and it was brilliant! They are so easy to use, quick to put up and pack away and very comfortable! And it kept us away from the leeches on the ground. I’m so glad I took it!” — Nicky


“It arrived before your message!! Can’t be bad!! Thanks very much. Can’t hang it up - it’s a birthday secret - but looking forward to trying it out. thanks for sending it so quickly.” — Julie Hanson


“You are an absolute star! Thanks again” — Amanda Rose


Received hammock this morning - thanks :) As ever the workmanship is brilliant and I’m sure my mate will have many happy years in it! Thank you for all your help, and I’ll keep recommending your hammocks to everyone I know ;) I’ll also get back to you if mine ever manages to wear out!” — Katie:)


“We recently bought 2 hammock chairs from you at Camden Market. We took them out to our house in the Caribbean and were delighted with them, thank you very much. They are so comfortable and relaxing…top banana!!” — Sue Willis


A great buy! Bought while in Camden a few weeks back. They are so comfy and perfect for relaxing and travelling due to the size and lightness. I was apprehensious at first but they are so strong, Easily taking two people’s weight. Very comfortable for sleeping in and easily set up, ANYWHERE.” — Brad Moss


“We really enjoy these beautiful hammocks...” — Loukia Mano


“The hammock arrived safely on Saturday. Thanks for talking to me in such detail and helping make my decision it was very useful and most companies don’t go that extra step so it was very much appreciated and made my buying experience a million times better.” — Corinne Greenbank


“ I thought I would send you your first excellent feedback on the wooden arc stand... Two sets of happy customers! Several members of the family have their eye on them, so we’ll send them your way when the time comes!” — Joyce Lambert


Just received my new well hung hammock and I am very excited!!! Can’t wait to use it! Thank you very much for your assistance and your quick shipping.” — Sofia Papazoglou


We already have one of your hammocks, and want to buy another as a gift.” — Chris Mitchell


“The hammocks are absolutely wonderful! At our cottage in the middle of the woods in Canada, we’ll string the hammocks up between the trees and when we’re not swimming in the lake we are lying in the beautiful hammocks! The best gits we’ve ever received from our English friends! Thanks so much!” — The Donald/Watts Family


“I’m happy. Many thanks. (I’ll be recommending you to a friend asap)” — Clive


“I left our travel hammock out summer and winter here in the UK for 8 years. It was fantastic. Thank you!” — Graeme 


These hammocks are great! I’ve had my double travel hammock for about 5 years and I’m absolutely delighted with it!” — A happy hammocker 


Your hammocks are amazing! We’ve just taken them on a trip around the Greek Islands and they were great, especially for lying in to watch the sunrise (and the moon rise) over the sea. We slept so well in them too. They are so easy to use and so comfortable, they totally made our trip! I love them!! It was wonderful.” - Amber


Thank you for the speedy delivery of my hammock and frame. Wonderful product — I highly recommend Well Hung Hammocks to anybody — many thanks.” — Phil Rignall


“We have several of your hammocks at our house and we use them all the time. Your stall at Camden looks amazing too!!” — Harriett


“I received my hammock today. Many many thanks & what a brilliant service! Well Done” — Fiona Hopkins


“Want to stress how impressed I was at the speed of your service” — Ruth Graystone


Our friend recommended these for us. He has many types of hammocks but he says these travel hammocks are the best for travelling so we have come to get one for ourselves...” — Maria Adriano, Italy


“Fantastic. I am a Park Ranger and bought 10 of your single travel hammocks for Forest Play and Den Building. Both kids and adults loved them. They are sturdy, light and simple to put up. I highly recommend them.” — Dave


“I just wanted to say that the hammock you sent me some time ago turned out to be a fantastic wedding present - my friends were thrilled when they unpacked it! Perfect for such a gift. I’m sure they’ll be happy using it as they’re moving to Hawaii. And once again thank you very much for sending it over so quickly, it was extremely helpful! All the best.” — Witold 


“everybody will love it! Both me and my BF bought one each a couple of years ago and we are so proud of them!!! LOL! All friends love to lay on them when they come around and when u go camping it’s a PLUS!!! great to take with u everywhere cos it’s so small and easy to set up...i love it!! Thanks! :-)”