How to choose a hammock


Help choosing which type of hammock for you

Brazilian type hammocks are woven from pure cotton, making them strong and hard-wearing, yet natural and soft to lie in. They are beautiful but also practical and comfortable. This is a great hammock if you want something stylish but also easy to use. It's perfectly safe for children and adults alike. Not quite as big and stretchy as our Mexican hammocks but it's softness and simplicity more than makes up for it. Everything you'd expect from a hammock, all wrapped up in a matching bag! Lovely and simple.

Mexican or Mayan style hammocks are a very traditional type of hammock. These are our strongest and largest hammocks and can easily hold the weight of three people. Woven from hundreds of cotton strings, it is an amazingly comfortable hammock - they really give you a feeling of floating on air! They need a bit of care as their strings can snag and tangle with rough use but it's definitely worth it. This is an eye-catching and luxurious hammock that will make a beautiful addition to your home or garden. Amazing but more delicate.

Camping hammocks are the most portable and easiest hammock to look after. We make them from parachute type cloth that  is hard-wearing, breathable and strong. You can leave them outside, they don't tangle, are machine-washable and pack into a tiny bag. They have rope and hooks included to hang them with, quickly and easily. They're great camping hammocks and are perfect for families, travellers, festival-goers and fishermen and anyone who wants an easy, no-fuss hammock. They are ideal if you only have a small hanging space like a balcony. Simple but not so sumptuous.

Chair hammocks are not technically hammocks at all but they are a hanging chair that can be hung downwards from one point (ceiling joists, exposed beams, tree branches, pergolas, children’s swing frame etc.). You can not lie down flat in a chair hammock as they are designed and shaped to keep you more upright which makes them perfect for reading in. With a matching foot-rest, the hammock chair becomes a super-luxury lounger. The benefits of a hammock chair is that they can be hung in a smaller space and only need one fixing point so they are ideally suited for indoor use. In terms of practicality compared to our other hammocks they are an armchair rather than a sofa-bed. Space-saving, but they're not a bed.


Hammocks can fit in all sorts of spaces you may not think of - they can be hung in many different configurations - just use your imagination and a bit of common sense.

A large hammock is not too big for one person - as much as a double bed is great for one too. The wider hammock you have the more room there'll be to spread out. Traditional hammocks are designed to be lain diagonally across in, it's better for your posture and very comfortable. Plus, it's almost impossible to fall out of them. 

Unless you've tried them before and love them (for some reason), we highly recommend you don't buy a hammock with spreader bars. Yes, they look good in photos but they tip you out as soon as you try to move. A proper hammock doesn't have spreader bars and won't tip you out.

Any hammock will look beautiful for longer if it is looked after.