Cotton Brazilian Hammock (standard)


  multicolour cotton Brazilian hammock cloth   natural cream cotton Brazilian hammock cloth  calm blues cotton Brazilian hammock cloth    

A beautifully traditional hammock, they are woven from luxuriously thick 100% pure cotton, making them strong and hard-wearing, yet natural and soft to lie in.

Our Brazilian style hammocks are eye-catchingly beautiful but also practical and comfortable. A fantastic hammock that is easy to use, feels gorgeous and is super stylish.

This standard size has enough room to comfortably fit any adult for an afternoon nap. You can sit on it with a (small) friend too but you'll be cosy. Great for children.

They are suitable for indoors or outside and can be hung on trees, posts, wall hooks, frames or even children's garden equipment, the list is endless... They are machine washable (with a bit of preparation).

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